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Snake River Produce FacilitySnake River Produce is located in Nyssa, Oregon in the heart of the Idaho-Eastern Oregon onion region. Snake River Produce selects the finest onions that are grown in the fertile Snake River Valley, which is well known for its delicious, Sweet Spanish onions. Sweet Spanish onions are zesty and full of flavor when raw, but once cooked they become mellow and savory. Snake River Produce onions are available in yellow, white, and red varieties as well as an assortment of sizes and packaging. Snake River Produce onions are typically available from August through March.

Established in 1999, Snake River Produce was formerly owned and operated formerly by Muir-Roberts Co., Inc. headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Muir-Roberts operated this facility for 2002 Snake River Produce Annual Meetingapproximately 50 years and in 1999, four onion growers, Reid Saito, Ken Teramura, Les Ito, and Ross Nishihara, along with Kay Riley, former Vice President of Operations for Muir-Roberts purchased the assets and business from Muir-Roberts.

Pat Takasugi, a local onion grower and Idaho State Representative joined the business in 2003 as a part owner and grower. Upon the passing of Pat Takasugi in 2011, his wife and partner Suzanne took over his interest in Snake River Produce. In 2013, Snake River Produce welcomed its partners, Brian Kameshige & Randy Kameshige who have taken over for Ken Teramura. Kevin Corn is the newest partner at Snake River Produce, purchasing shares from Reid Saito who retired in 2016.

Snake River Produce is well established with existing customer and grower bases. Mr. Riley has more than 25 years experience in the produce industry and has handled the sales for this division since 1993.

Working with the partners, J. Melecio Lopez is the Production Manager; Jim Schram is the Storage & Quality Control Manager; while Kim Rutten keeps the office running as the Office Administrator. Tiffany Cruickshank joined the Snake River Produce team in 2010 working as the Transportation Manager and assisting in Sales and Marketing. Kim Rutten keeps the office running smoothly and assists with Food Safety.

Snake River Produce is an active member of the National Onion Association, Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee, Idaho-Oregon Fruit & Vegetable Association, and Certified Onions, Inc.

NOA, IEO, IOF&VA, COISnake River Produce is a member of the Red Book Credit Services maintaining a four-star rating and a Business Character Award demonstrating stable, professional, reputable, admirable, and ethical work. Additionally, Snake River Produce holds a four-X B rating in The Blue Book and has been a trading member since 2008.
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